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I created this page to provide a little information on this website for foreign visitors as a majority of the website is in Finnish. I chose to write in Finnish because that way I can focus on telling interesting stories instead of wasting time on putting the words in the correct order. On the other hand, it is very compelling an idea to start typing in English as well, so, I’ll look into it.

The focus of this website is on pick-up trucks, but the website also covers the 4WD world to some extend. Thus the name of the website is 4WETOA: a derivative of the words 4WD and vetoa, the latter being a partitive singular form of a Finnish word for ’drive’, as in four-wheel drive.

I prefer writing about subjects I’m the most familiar with. The most important and mostly often updated section is the Blog where I write about the life of a pick-up’s owner. I make a lot of of observations while on the road and on the Internet, and the blog is chiefly about reporting those observations. It also features test drives of pick-up models, and possibly other types of vehicles. The website also provides information about 4WD and pick-ups in general.

I own a 2014 Ford Ranger Wildtrak. It really is an almost perfect truck. The color is massively cool and there’s a lot of power in the engine. It does have some disadvantages, though, but they don’t really annoy me. I’m just a nit-picker.

I work as a trucker and therefore I’ve been on the road on several types of vehicles. I’ve seen many interesting situations out there and that’s just a valuable source of inspiration. It sometimes amazes me how much there is to write about.

I’m looking forward to collaborating with other 4WD-bloggers around the world. Feel free to contact me at the following email address:



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